Welcome at Aangenaam Interieuradvies


In the Dutch language, ‘aangenaam’ has multiple positive meanings, like pleasant, congenial and also pleased to meet you. And that’s exactly what we stand for: the place where you go for a pleasant and surprising interior design that suites you.

Take a look at our contribution to ‘RTL4 Woontips’ and learn what an interior designer can do for your interior. Side note; RTL4 Woontips is a Dutch program about living and home decor.

Our method step by step


At first we would like to know your wishes and expectations, from there on we discuss the possibilities.

Design and presentation

With your wishes in mind we create a beautiful design that fully meets your expectations.

Realization and styling

When you are in the Netherlands for only a limited time you might have no clue where to start. Where can you find the best professionals for the job? Or where to order the furniture for your new interior? Aangenaam Interieuradvies takes care for everything in the process for your new interior. We know exactly which person to hire to make sure everything is going to be the way you intended to be. We also order the furniture, accessories and materials in the stores that suites your budget. And because we promise to take care of everything, we will make a schedule when everything needs to be done or be delivered. Even the ready-made delivery of your new interior is one of the possibilities. You do not have to look at anything!



















































Aangenaam Interieuradvies = Creative + Modern

Interior design and/or styling for companies

We create designs for offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, and other industries. An outline that fits the company’s corporate identity and their audience is our starting point. In doing so, we do not lose sight of functionality. From design to project completion; you will be pleasantly surprised.

Interior design and/or styling for individuals

We create an interior for every space in your house, also for the kitchen or bathroom. All we do is create a pleasant atmosphere, corresponding to your wishes and budget. And because of that we work independent of stores and brands.

Customer reviews


Marc Jansen

Owner JMF Filters B.V.

I have enabled Aangenaam Interieuradvies to give my newly purchased property a great look. Of course I could put some standard office furniture in, but I wanted more. A professional look and a nice workplace for myself and my employees. And it worked! Aangenaam Interieuradvies has done everything that must be done, but I also took part in the process. The result is an office and entrance that emphasize the character of my company.


Family Mook

We have saved up a long time for our newly built house. The house itself was all that we wanted, but we also want the inside designed in our style. But setting up a whole house is difficult, so we decided to hire a professional. We choose for Aangenaam Interieuradvies. We have experienced it as very pleasant and we are glad that we made this choice. She has a lot of knowledge and understanding; we look back with a good feeling. Still daily, we get a sense of happiness when we get home. We can recommend Aangenaam Interieuradvies to everyone!


Family Plat

For years we had the same interior and now it was time to change that. The livingroom and our open kitchen were in need of something new. We really want an outstanding interior, but it needed to be comfortable as well. Just like you see in the magazines. We didn’t only want the interior to change, but we wanted a whole new kitchen. The result is perfect and we’ve got many compliments from our friends and family. Aangenaam Interieuradvies deserves all the compliments! At the moment we are saving for a complete new bathroom and bedrooms, and when the time comes, we definitely go to Aangenaam Interieuradvies.

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